Zulma Vega


Zulma is a Colombian artist who has made Houston her home since 2012. She focuses her art practice on 2D mixed media painting. She expresses the emotion of the moment, occasions that marked her life,  the strongest changes she has lived through.

Additional Information

Artist Statement My paintings express the emotion of the moment, occasions that marked my life, the strongest changes. I get inspired by family images that remind me of special moments and I transform them thinking about how the same situation may be common to others. I seek to awaken in the audience a feeling of something lived or familiar. I am currently studying the Family Systems Theory and I seek to understand through it our actions, why we make the decisions we make or fail to make. Our passive or active reaction to life, our changes. I paint what I understand, what I feel. The ultimate goal: to have a personal transformation that allows me to achieve what many of us want, to be happy, to leave a positive mark in the world, to share my message to transform ourselves as a whole and offer a more subtle transition to our future generations. Painting is my form of expression, but as I grow as an artist, I am constantly searching for different results, experimenting with new techniques and new contents. From geometric objects to subtle organic and figurative images, my work reflects what I am, a person in constant growth and change.


2000 Edwards St
Studio 205
Washington Ave Arts District, Houston, Texas 77007