Yeiry Guevara


Yeiry Guevara is a writer, translator and multimedia artist whose work in deeply rooted in representation, Salvadoran-American identity and healing. Her work has appeared in Bust Magazine, VICE, Remezcla among various other publications. Her photography has been exhibited in galleries in New York and Texas.

As a charismatic public speaker, she has been a guest on various podcasts. Yeiry has also given engaging presentations at L.A. Zine Fest, New Latin WaveZine Fest Houston and Twitter NYC Headquarters. Originally from Houston, Texas, Yeiry lives in New York City.

Visit Yeiry's website and portfolio for more works.

Additional Information

Artist Statement As a first-generation Salvadoran, my work is based in healing and representation. This visibility is necessary due to the ancestral knowledge lost with migration. There is a profound need to own our narrative and document our history. I see my work as visible symbols of empowerment. My mediums range from gifs, video, poetry, zines and workshops.

Spoken word poetry video. Written and produced by Yeiry Guevara.


East End, Houston, Texas

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