Tina Hernandez


Yo soy Tina Hernandez aka La Libertina. Born in the border town of Brownsville, Texas but was raised in Houston as a first generation Xicana/Tejana. I received my B.F.A degree in Photography/Digital Media in 2003 from the University of Houston. I have always worked in self-portraiture and am branching out in photographing other women as well. My work centers on being female and on my Latinidad including the issues, questions, aesthetics, and greatness that comes with it. You can visit my website at: http://www.lalibertina.com

I am expanding and continuing my latest project Allegory of a Chicana. Check out my video about it! Follow me on the Instagram to see my progress for that project and for my other creative adventures. I definitely love seeing the artistic processes of other artists. So interesting how an idea that is formed in the mind is later manifested into something physical. 

I am also part of the Manteca team y ando muy excited about this registry! Think about it, Houston is almost half Latino (that's right) and how many of us is a creative person. Prolly lots y lots! This is a great way to be on the same platform. We all know H-Town is known for oil y business and now for our delicious foods (yummy yum) but sooner or later we will also be known and recognized for our ARTS. (btw, Arte is not just visual art, mmkay) This city has so much talent! I hope you are out there creating and manifesting your ideas and/or supporting local arte!!

Gracias for visiting MANTECAHTX!!

Additional Information

Artist Statement Mi Xicana arte is about exploring and researching the different attributes and symbolism of my gender and culture. The subject of MUJERES/WOMEN is something that I've always had a strong affinity with and it also plays an important part in my life. The roles of all women have been mostly portrayed throughout history and art by a male perspective and gaze. I feel like it is my artistic duty to investigate those roles closest to me and portray them through my own female gaze. The practice of self-portraiture allows my curiosity and love of photography to delve into and discover my womanhood and Latinidad. My artistic practice also involves research into myths, archetypes, stereotypes, prescribed gender roles, sexuality, pre-hispanic symbolism, mexican textiles and traditions, and the history of mujeres such as La Mujer Azteca/Maya y the legend of La Llorona. This gained knowledge molds and guides my work conceptually and aesthetically. Gloria Anzaldua really puts into words what us Chicana creatives y otras from all artistic disciplines think, feel, believe, and create: “As a people, we have been stripped of our history, language, identity and pride, and we attempt again and again to find what we have lost by imaginatively digging into our cultural roots and make art out of our findings.” Exactly!!! My latest project, Allegory of a Chicana, will push my creativity and technique to another level since each image I'm creating will be more challenging, calculated, and reflective together with new skills in order to produce the series. That is intimidating in itself but I'm muy excited and ready to actualize this series since it has been brewing en mi cabecita for a while now. It is inspired by specific allegorical and symbolistic paintings that I am appropriating and putting my own Chicana twist to it. Stay tuned to my progress on the Insta @la_libertina.

"Allegory of a Chicana" explores femininity and Mexicanidad through the imagery of artist Tina Hernandez. Taking influence from recognized painters from the past, this series recasts and re-imagines such paintings by infusing them with various fac


East End, Houston, Texas