Simon Gonzales


Dallas Artist currently in the Houstin Art Community.

BA Psychology w/ Concentration in Drama from University of Dallas

Current 2nd year MFA Photo/Digital Media Graduate at University of Houston. 

1A Installation. Simon Gonzales. 15’11 Feet x 12’9.1 Feet x 3’8 Feet. Inkjet. 2018

*1A-A 1. Simon Gonzales. And Frame Collab W/ Eric Zambrano 107x50 inch. Inkjet. 2018.

*1A-B 2. Simon Gonzales. 40.5x49.5 inch. Inkjet. 2018.

*1A-C 3. Simon Gonzales. 36.5x44.5 inch. Inket. 2018.

*1A-D 4. Simon Gonzales. 36.5x44.5 inch. Inket. 2018.

*1A-E Bench w/ prayer rug. Simon Gonzales, Daniel Calderon. 20x10 inch. 2018.




Additional Information

Artist Statement In pursuit of a purified abstract painting, the artist’s hand is subtracted from the process through the use of an algorithm. The visual subject matter of the pieces are subjective. The work serves as a trigger for the audience’s experiences. It is analogous to other forms of interpretation like the Rorschach tests. Their presentation, such as the framing, alludes to iconography. They are intended to bring the viewer at the edge of apprehension of the metaphysical.

Birthplace Dallas


3223 Hillglenn Rd
Dallas, Texas 75228