S Rodriguez


S Rodriguez is a Houston-based interdisciplinary artist and organizer, and a current member of the Diverseworks artist board. They are the co-creator of Paraspace Books, a transient bookstore dealing queer sci-fi and speculative fiction and a 2017 Idea Fund recipient. Their work most often explores the intersection of technology, the internet, and the nature of bodies -- physical, digital, and linguistic. Their work has been exhibited in various galleries around Houston. 

Additional Information

Artist Statement My work deals with relationships between bodies — digital, physical, and textural - and the relationships of these bodies to the world around us. I am most interested in the possibility of bodies; specifically, how we can conceptualize bodies in a way that creates new narratives rather than upholding old ones. For example — what are the implications of a person using medical interventions to alter their appearance, or how is our personhood affected when forced to represent ourselves online, and how do technological advancements and the way we use them shape or alter how we move through the world? By asking questions such as these, I explore how potentiality shapes and alters established identity.


Houston, Texas