Roberto Tejada

Additional Information

Artist Statement An aspect of what I write advocates for sensation itself as a legitimate topic of inquiry; to underscore the private and collective dimensions of culture by way of a body-mind caught between a will-to-paradise and dystopian inertia, between the conflicting desires of whereabouts and exile, between individual resolve and social pessimism, rendered through the historically contingent events by which a subject is shaped; to produce at the limit by welcoming the uncertainty of ends, cultural contradiction, and public ambivalence. Even as I remain indebted to pedagogies and experimental relationships that animate an immediate or historic context between author, writing, institution, and reader—breaking the spell, so to speak, of human-made things and their means of circulation—I accept lyric drive as that unfamiliar vitality in which personhood can or cannot know itself as an axiomatic proposition of the historical uncanny.

Roberto Tejada, University of Houston Libraries, Poetry & Prose: October 15, 2014