Ricky Marin


Ricky Marin is a Venezuelan-American artist based in Houston and using photography as a primary medium. His work is a form of meditation on people, places and time, to highlight the beauty he sees in the mundane.

His approach is a cross between social documentary and street photography. Using light, shadows and graphics elements found in our everyday life but often overlooked. His work is heavily influenced by music, films, paintings, books, travel experiences and art in general.

Additional Information

Artist Statement My work revolves around street photography, and my process is mainly based on acute observation; very free-flowing and spontaneous. When I travel, I walk around looking for people or scenes that I find interesting. I photograph things that appeal to me on a subconscious level. Sometimes street photography requires for you to act quickly; most of the time it is my eye and my subconscious brain that trip the shutter without my conscious brain realizing why until much later. Street photography can sometimes make you feel like the director of a play. A play that is taking place in a public place, unrehearsed and where the participants are unaware of their performance. A play that only lasts a few moments and will not be performed in the same manner, or with the same actors ever again. If you get lucky you may end up with a good frame to preserve the moment. To me, that is one of the appeals of street photography.


5773 Woodway dr
Suite 30
1st Ward, Houston, Texas 77057