Reyes Ramirez


Reyes Ramirez is a Houstonian of Mexican and Salvadoran descent. Reyes won the 2019 YES Contemporary Art Writer’s Grant, 2017 Blue Mesa Review Nonfiction Contest, 2014 riverSedge Poetry Prize and has poems, stories, essays, and reviews (and/or forthcoming) in: Indiana Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, Queen Mob's Teahouse, The Latinx Archive, december magazine, Arteinformado, Texas Review, TRACK//FOUR, Houston Noir, Gulf Coast Journal, The Acentos Review, Cimarron Review, and elsewhere. He is a 2020 CantoMundo Fellow, 2021 Crosstown Arts Writer in Residence, and has been awarded grants from the Houston Arts Alliance and The Warhol Foundation’s Idea Fund.


“El Salvadoreño Americano as Decolonizer, 1929-1936” in Cosmonauts Avenue

“Being Stuck in Houston’s Traffic on I-45 S at 6 PM Every Tuesday is My America” in The Loop

“A 4th Grade Dance Party in the Cafeteria on a Monday at 1 PM in Houston is my America” in What’s the New News, Issue 3

"How to Fight Like a Mexican" in Queen Mob's Teahouse (2018)

"Advice to my Younger Self in High School," "A Woefully Uncomprehensive Record of White People Erasing Latinx Lives & Being Rewarded For It," & "The Body Belongs to the Self" in TRACK//FOUR (2018)

"Hijo, please" in Gulf Coast Journal (June 2017)


“Lilia” in Cosmonauts Avenue

"Half a Day in America, Now" in New South Journal (2018)

“Ni Sabes" in The Acentos Review (August 2016)


The Exhibition as Record: Moe Penders’ Volver & Reconciliation” in ArteInformado (in Spanish)

“In the Learning of Histories Begin Responsibilities” in What’s the New News, Issue 3

"On Houston, Cultura and the work of Maureen Penders" in Deep Red Press (August 2018)

"On Playing Yu-Gi-Oh as a Nerdy, Brown Kid in Houston" in Blue Mesa Review (Issue 36)


Lot by Bryan Washington for Porter House Review

Images of America: African Americans in Houston for Deep Red Press (2018)

Beast Meridian for Glass: A Journal of Poetry (2018)

Virgin for Glass: A Journal of Poetry (2018)

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Artist Statement Mexican/Salvadoran-American who writes everything.


Golfcrest, Houston, Texas