Rachel Orosco


Rachel Orosco is a multimedia artist, DJ and musician currently based in Houston, Texas. She organizes seminars and exhibitions as co-founder of the Houston art collective Dissensus. Internal/ Eternal, her multimedia project with musician Tom Carter, explores the intersection of art and the built environment through collaborative events, which have included a variety of readers, artists, and musicians including Joe McPhee, Loren Connors, Susan Alcorn, Maria Chavez, Charalambides, and David Dove.  

Orosco’s DJ sets spotlight her interest in all forms of genuine human musical expression—free jazz, Southern hip-hop, African guitar music, electronic, dub, honky-tonk, juke joint, Cajun, Western swing, all points in between and beyond.

As a visual artist, Orosco uses mirrors and light projections to expand perception beyond architectural boundaries, creating illusory realms without borders inside confined spaces. As a musician, Rachel uses synthesizers, objects, and other electronics to improvise a range of moody droning textures, caustic interruptions, and other impromtu interventions.

Additional Information

Artist Statement Rachel Orosco transcends artistic boundaries by removing artificial barriers to expression — such as genre limitations, singular forms of expression, and the economics of performance. She creates improvised works and projects that constantly evolve and often incorporate free-flowing collaborations with fellow artists utilizing diverse forms of media.

Birthplace Atlanta


1511 W Main St
Montrose, Houston, TX 77006