olga saldivar



Olga Nydia Saldivar
Born February 1985 - Monterrey, Mexico

Olga is a Mexican born, Texas based artist, illustrator and designer.

She grew up in Monterrey, Mexico and developed a passion for fashion and for creating. After moving to Austin, Texas she left the fashion world behind and started adding paint to her drawings. 

Her work blends traditional techniques with whimsical elements creating an edge between innocence and darkness. 
She is extremely influenced by music and the fashion industry.

Additional Information

Artist Statement I describe my works as beautiful statements with a touch of darkness into them. I often use soft and nostalgic themes but try to contrast it with a dark palette or viceversa. I'm often attracted to show a visual aesthetic that can be attractive to the eye but also emotes mystery and more depth about the subjects.


Spring Branch, Houston, Texas 77084