Nora Benalcazar


I was lucky enough to be born in a small but picturesque town in the Ecuadorian Andes. My inclination for art started early when I was in elementary school. With few colored pencils, I used to create pictures on paper and collect them. Although I never had the opportunity to study art formally, I gained a computer science degree at The Escuela Politecnica Nacional in Quito. Later, I got married and moved to Houston where I raised my two kids. Moving to Houston came with many difficulties, but in the long run I believe it helped us grow as a family. Currently, I am taking classes at Glassell (school of art of the MFAH). Being fifty and trying to pursue artistry has been remarkably challenging for me. I am struggling and fighting with colors, shapes, and thoughts, to ultimately find pictorial space in my compositions. Now I am striving to learn more about how to use and combine different media to get more freedom and versatility to express my inner self.

Additional Information

Artist Statement Art keeps me focus. It challenges my senses, my mind and my memory. Everybody has a purpose in life, mine is to share joy and a little bit of happiness through colors and shapes to other people, the same feeling that I experience when I am in front to a master piece.

Birthplace Ecuador


Katy, Texas 77494