Monica Melgar


Houston based visual artist, Monica Melgar, has been pursuing her professional art career for the past 6 years. Although she studied Graphic Communication at the Art Institute of Houston, her painting skills are self taught. It all started from her constant doodling in high school that was used to calm an otherwise stressed mind.

During her childhood her parents moved back and forth between Mexico and the U.S. and as a result, her artistic expressions are influenced by the vivid colors and delicate patterns found in Mexican artisanry. Her painting style has now changed from tiny dashes to fine linework that create abstract images that sometimes take on a accidental form of a flower or a sea creature.

Since getting her first studio at Spring Street Studio in 2014, she's had a solo show, been a featured artist in various venues, and participated in many group shows amongst some of Houston most talented artists. She’s spent countless hours volunteering in various committees to plan and execute group exhibition and community events.

Her paintings and plastic sculptures have been shown in solo exhibitions and group shows throughout the Houston area and recently in Austin. Her works belong to many private collections in the U.S. and Mexico.

Image List

1.  Soft Rains, 2018, 24x48”, acrylic gouache on canvas, $1,200

2. Don't Think I, 2019, 48x48”, acrylic and gouache on canvas, $2,300

3. Stuff Your Eyes, 2019, 48x36”, acrylic gouache on canvas, $1,800

4. Where the Music Meets the Ocean, 2018, 24x36”, acrylic gouache on canvas, $900

5. I Dreamed of Lines, 2018, 24x36”, acrylic gouache on canvas, $900

Additional Information

Artist Statement I started doodling with pen on paper in high school to keep my hands and thoughts occupied. Many notebooks later when I was studying graphic design I was assigned to make a painting. All I knew how to do were dashes so I tried to paint in the same way. I discovered that my doodling actually translated into a type of pointillism with acrylics on canvas. I've outgrown my first style of pointillism as it has grown into fine linework in various applications. In addition to traditional acrylics I have recently discovered that acrlylic gouache is the perfect medium for fine linework as it keeps it's opaqueness that shows even the finest lines on canvas. Although most of my subject matter is abstract some images take on an accidental form such as a flower, a sea creature, or a landscape. I use bright colors and sometimes fluorescents to give even more impact and contrast. I am attracted to vivid color palettes that remind me of the colorful scenery in Mexico where I spent about half my childhood. My current technique of fine line work is applied freehand on canvas, paper or wood panel. I start with one line and add more and more until a form appears organically. Sometimes the lines are curly swirls and sometimes they are horizontal and vertical straight lines. I use abstract backgrounds to contrast with the fine lines of the main subject or form. What sets my artwork apart from others is that it is an expression of something without a name or intention. I try not to force ideas but let them come up spontaneously. When I'm working on a piece I try and block out all thoughts except what's in front of me. It's very similar to mindfulness meditation in that way and it is a great source of peace and healing, giving me a place where the troubles of life don't exist. I've always tried to stay true to what pleases me first so that I have no doubts that I'm creating for creation sake above all else. "To thine own self be true" (Hamlet) has been my artist directive and I take pride in knowing that my creations are a true expression of myself.

Artist talk and interview of Monica Melgar


2101 Winter St.
Studio #A4.5
Washington Ave Arts District, Houston, Texas 77007