Moe Penders


Moe Penders moved to Houston TX from El Salvador in 2009 to attend the University of Houston, where they received their BFA in Photography and Digital Media. 

Moe is interested in conversations which touch upon different social aspects which are relevant to their life and experiences. Predominantly focuses on themes regarding home and culture, as well as the systemic socio-economic inequality in El Salvador. As a non-binary individual, and part of the LGBTQIA community, their work also references the experience of growing up in El Salvador, and migrating to the US. 

Additional Information

Artist Statement I explore the idea of identification and language through my practice. I use different techniques and lens-based approaches to render visible that which remains invisible and unspoken in our society. I seek out a new subjectivity through my work, because I don’t fit the stereotypical image of Salvadoran nationality. I operate within and across many languages literally and metaphorically. Experiences in my home have influenced the themes of my work. Not only the physical space of what was once my house in El Salvador, but also the country itself, the language, and the culture. I use the lens to look at places, objects, and events that expand upon the idea of El Salvador. There is always more to the image than what is visible. My process consists of both conceptual documentary techniques and experimental approaches in image making.

Birthplace El Salvador


Houston, Texas 77003