mishi bloom


Jewelry Designer/ Metalsmith
Sometimes Vocalist + Looper
Media Explorer + Videographer
Sometimes Curator
On-and-off Student

Additional Information

Artist Statement My works usually have a life-cycle, or cyclical process. From metalworks or jewelry, the piece becomes a photograph; from a photograph to video, and from video to sound. Not all pieces adhere to this cycle every time, though. Each step of this process becomes its own work of art whether presented as photographs, music, or videos. The subjects in these photographs can also become part of the process. Subjects, or models, are asked sometimes personal questions or about thoughts currently floating in their minds. Their answers are then documented, creating written works. Written works are not limited to the words of these subjects. Some are shared as a way to address taboo subjects in order to start a conversation. While some works are meant to be beautiful, others are meant to test boundaries.

Hold on to What You Seek, a song/video for growth

"Transform" - a record of
"River of Thoughts" - hun
"One of Them" - for peopl


4370 Faculty Ln
3rd Ward, Houston, Texas 77004