Miguel Ángel Ávila


  • Self-taught artist and taco connoisseur.
  • Raised and educated in Monterrey, Mexico. Miguel lives in Houston Texas with his wife and two sons.
  • Studied Architecture and International Relations at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM).
  • Currently working with Art, Visual Communication, Signage/ Wayfinding and Architecture in Houston.

Additional Information

Artist Statement Avila's work is indebted to the breathtaking depth and variety of the art of his native Mexico. Simultaneously weaving the story of the cultural borderlands of Mexico and Texas he inhabits with all its dynamic frictions and creative impulses. Avila's pictorial story telling seems to take off where some of the great novels of Magic-Realism end. Aided by his superb draftsmanship, Avila depicts a post linguistic reality that references the fever dreams of the great surrealists as well as a deadpan precisionist irony. Avila's take on reality is both fantastic and precise. Using his colorful autobiographical memory, he creates a pictorial cosmos that is realistically rendered, yet allows for multiple plausible interpretations. His iconic images aim to make emotional contact with the viewer and leave him "speechless." - Volker Eisele


Southwest Houston, Missouri City, TX