Manuel Nava Leal


Manuel Nava Leal has been creating and writing stories and poetry, entertaining family and neighborhood friends since childhood, in South Texas. His passion is the short story, he has transformed several into theatrical productions. Mr. Leal has been involved in theater 40+ years.

On occasion, Mr. Leal is invited to participate in acting and writing workshops in schools around Houston and surrounding communities, relishing the opportunity of bringing the written word and theater to youth of all ages.

Manuel enjoys reading immensely, his creative influences come from a wide range of authors such as; P. Neruda, R. Anaya, R. Hinojosa, A. Hitchcock, A. Huxley, S. Maugham, E. A. Poe, R. Serling, T. Welty, K. Vonnegut N. Hawthorne, O. Henry, and many others.

Additional Information

Artist Statement Newly published book presentations coming soon! "Blue Agave Imaginings," (A collection of short stories.) "Ancient Jaguar Child," (A collection of poems.)

Birthplace Harlingen, Texas


7543 Hereford St.
Santa Rosa/ Parkplace, Houston, Texas 77087