Lupe Mendez


Originally from Galveston, TX, Lupe (Writer//Educator//Activist) works with Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say, Brazilian Arts Foundation and other organizations to promote poetry events, advocate for literacy/literature and organize creative writing workshops that are open to the public. He is the founder of Tintero Projects and works with emerging Latinx writers and other writers of color within the Texas Gulf Coast Region, with Houston as its hub. In addition, Lupe co-hosts INKWELL - a collaborative podcast creation between Tintero Projects and Inprint, placing a monthly spotlight on Regional, National and International Latinx writers and other Writers of Color. Mendez is a CantoMundo Fellow , a Macondo Fellow and an Emerging Poet Incubator Fellow and his newest collection of poetry - WHY I AM LIKE TEQUILA is forthcoming from Willow Books. 

Additional Information

Artist Statement Writing as a way to continue saving word/expression/resistance/energy/comunidad.

AnthroPoesia Project on the Houston Huelga Schools


Silk Stocking District, Galveston, Texas