Lourdes Lavalle


Lourdes Lavalle is a Houston based artist, Originally from Mexico, Lourdes has lived in Houston, TX for almost 18 years, and she considers it now home. Her passion for art made her a self-taught artist since a young age. In 2011, she joined The Glassell School of Art of The Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MAFH), in order to pursue her passion and get a formal education in Fine Arts, where she has studied different disciplines with renowned artists and instructors, specializing in Painting. Since then, she has had the chance to participate in different juried exhibitions, such as "BUILDINGS Inside and Out" at the Kinder Morgan Building Gallery, several juried exhibitions at the Glassell School of Arts, "The Aural Abode Exhibition" together with a fellow artist, "The Woodlands HIgh School Art Trust Juried Exhibition" and some more in the Houston area. Her paintings are Oil on Canvas and she likes to work in different formats.

Additional Information

Artist Statement I consider my art a form of abstract expression, where I go over and above representation. I enjoy playing and exploring what can be created with lines, forms, colors and space. My inspiration comes from Nature (Ice Caves Series), Urban spaces and from the study of the mind. I consider my work to be in constant evolution going from organic and geometric forms, to the complexity of a total geometric abstraction. The feeling that I experience creating each painting is beyond words, and what I hope is to provoke the viewer to interact with a painting without the purpose of giving it a specific meaning, but just going inside of it. It is very important to me to work very hard, let the creativity flow and be open to change.


55 W. Mirror Ridge Cir
The Woodlands, Texas 77382