Los Twins Dela Parra


Los Twins Los Twins Houston consists of creative artists Gerardo Parra and Arturo Parra. The twin brothers have been creating together since their
graduation from the Art Institute of Houston in 1999. Together, the twins have worked within Film Production, Print Media, Photography, Theatrical Releases and have curated Art Shows. Today they practice mult-media art creation inside Winter Street Studios #27. 

Every Second Saturday of the  month the community is open to a meet and greet inside of the Sawyer Yards Artist Complex. Inside Studio 27 of Winter Street Studios.

Nex Showcase:, 

Chocolate and Art Show Houston May 25 2019


Additional Information

Artist Statement In 2009 Los Twins Dela Parra created the #PopUpArtGalleryHouston hashtag for social media to help expose Houston artists through a traveling "pop-up art gallery" at several venues around the city of Houston. This pop up art gallery was launched under events called "Music, Art, & Media". Video segments were produced, recorded, and edited by Los Twins. #NoMamesVote is a hashtag created to help expose the importance of voting in the Hispanic communities. The art exposed through this hashtag is intended to help bring a fresh perspective of political awareness to the Hispanic/Latino youths of Houston.

Birthplace Brownsville, TX

Content and segment creation for "Texas Street Scene"

Our #PopUpArtGalleryHoust
In 2009 Music, Arts, & Me
Music, Arts, & Media at B
Documentation by Los Twin


2101 Winter Street Studios
1st Ward, Houston, Texas 77007