Lorena Morales


Lorena Morales is a contemporary visual artist currently based in Houston, USA. Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Morales holds certificates in painting and sculpture from the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, as well as a degree in Business Administration. She recently completed the Block XIX Program at the Glassell School of Art, and was also awarded a grant by the Carlos Cruz-Diez Foundation and the Glassell School of Art for participation in an Advanced Seminar in Contemporary Art.

Morales’ work has been exhibited extensively in Texas, as well as nationally and internationally, in Venezuela and Germany. Her work is held in the permanent collection of the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston (2016), as well as in many other public and private collections.

Image list

Embracing 4, Micron and Lumocolor on Duralar, 19" x 24"

Embracing 5, Micron and Lumocolor on Duralar, 19" x 24"

Topographies of a place to know (detail), Micron on Duralar, 19" x 24"

Topographies of a place to know,  Neighborhood (Detail) Micron on Mylar, 24" x 36"

Topographies of a place to know, I AM Here (Installation detail), Sharpie markers, six pack rings, acrylic rods, plumbing harware, mesh, nylon, adhesive letters, cardboard. Hanging Installation. 11 feet high by 3 feet x 3 feet 

Additional Information

Artist Statement In my work, I explore deeply personal themes of home and cultural identity, and reference feelings of nostalgia as well as ever-evolving expectations. As someone who left her country of birth, Venezuela, to build a new life in Texas, and once again in Angola, Africa, I am inspired to create by the places I see and visit, and the people I meet. Through my artistic practice, I am continuously exploring what it means to embrace a new cultural identity, while also protecting the one I have brought with me.    
The series, Embracing, arose out my experience living as an expat in Angola, in Soyo, a small town located on the Congo River. The works contemplate the relationship between color, lines and shapes that appear, and disappear, according to the changing light, or based on the position and angle of the viewer. The experience is often dynamic, pointing to the relationship between the materiality of the media, and the immateriality of light and shadow -- not unlike what it feels like to question the meaning of ‘home’ and ‘culture,’ in an unfolding search for similarity, or what is absent, in new and unfamiliar environments.   Topographies of a place to know relates to the isolation I went through while in the process of creating a new home and assimilating to a new culture while in Soyo. Today, I am back home in Houston experiencing an isolation that has prompted me to reexamine this environment, which I thought I already knew. From here, being, staying, missing, have become a kind of surreal experience. These works have help me to explore the transformations and absences of my environment.

Birthplace Venezuela

Houston-based artist Lorena Morales shows us how she creates large layered drawings in surprising ways, repurposing six-pack rings to create alluring works.


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