Lilian Vargas


From the beautiful chiseled volcanic stones of “sillar” of Arequipa Peru, is where Lilian Vargas was born. Her country’s rich culture, nature and history flourish into inspiration for her art. Lilian’s talent in mixed media allows her to create abstract art that brings to life her native Incan heritage. She is moved by imagery of landscapes and its people which evokes emotions, ideas and passion through every brushstroke.
Lilian continues to expand her horizons through her studies in art at Glassell School of Art.

Additional Information

Artist Statement I started appreciating color through the applications of different everyday things, creating compositions that expressed that certain feeling. For a large part of my life, I had the opportunity to appreciate different cultures, ethnicity backgrounds and religions. It was through these experiences that allowed me to express these memories through images in drawing & painting while complementing it with my country's history and culture.

Birthplace Arequipa, Peru


Houston, Texas 77077