Karen Navarro


With a background in fashion design, Argentina-born artist, Karen Navarro, works with a highly stylized aesthetic on a diverse array of mediums that includes photography and collage. Her constructed portraits are known for the use of color theory, surreal scenes and minimalist details. Navarro’s work explores themes related to identity and femininity. It expresses self-referential questions that connect in a much larger scale to ideas of social construction of reality.

Navarro lives in Houston since 2014 where she completed the certificate program in photography at Houston Center for Photography. In 2018 Navarro has been awarded a scholarship at Glassell School of Art| The Museum of Fine Art Houston where she studied analog photography. Most recently she has received the Artadia fellowship 2019. Navarro's work has been widely exhibited in the US and abroad.

Additional Information

Artist Statement In my work, I explore ideas related to personal and social identity, femininity as a culture, and sensuality. Most of my work is feminine-subject based. I attach preconceived ideas of female identity and beauty. Usually, my subjects take on a surreal and mysterious quality. My work allows us to leave behind fixed ideas of identity, instead offering a new manifestation of the female form. In my last series, I include male models and I use new media technologies to examine the way people present themselves and modify their identity on social networking sites. My main focus is to examine the way people manipulate the representation of themselves on social media and to question how digital culture has changed the way people relate to one another by constructing new identities on social media.


1907 Sabine Street
studio 136
1st Ward, Houston, Texas 77007