Jorge Cervantes



Jorge was born in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico in 1990. His family moved to Houston, Texas in 1995 where he was raised and continues to live. The interest in art started when he began learning to draw by using magazine images as references. Curiosity for making grew and helped develop his skill different medias such as, painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting, video, and photography. His current body of work is based on personal experience, and the navigation with inner conflict. This work involves appropriated work in mixed media and self self-portraiture. Jorge will be exhibiting this body of work during Spring Thesis Show in 2018. He currently has shown in group exhibitions in the 3rd Space Gallery, Houston; Blaffer Art Museum, Houston; University of Houston MD Anderson Library; Houston. Jorge is currently working on his BFA in Photography and Digital Media at the University of Houston, Texas where he currently lives and works.


Additional Information

Artist Statement The work I create is based on experience as a queer latino immigrant. Using elements from archives and mixed media, I wish to explore my relationship to my surroundings.

This video is part of an ongoing project using family archives to construct a narrative of the immigrant struggle.


3rd Ward, Houston, Texas