Héctor David Argüelles


Born and raised in Houston, Texas to a Mexican-American(Tamaulipan) mother and a father from El Salvador(La Union). I draw inspiration from both cultures and the American as well. With my younger days rooted in rodeo competitions as a elementary school student to my teenage days as a graffito and a theater arts student. I have nurtured my life to encase an embody art fully and whole heartedly. In my mid teens I went from being heavily rooted in the hip hop art scene, that of one heavy in break dance and graffiti to a changed perspective that art could be profitable and a career. When I was 15 I transitioned from graffiti to murals and mosaics by an opportunity given to me through a summer job. The rest was history. I am on a path I need to be constantly creating.

Additional Information

Artist Statement As a native Houston resident, I have been fortunate to have been exposed to a variety of local art throughout my lifetime both formally and informally. My art is an eternal and constant evolution for me, as life flows and changes, so does my art. My style draws from wide array of disciplines such as murals, mosaics, portraits, caricatures, characters, graffiti, abstract, ceramics, and sculptures. My art concepts draw from my passion to create and think outside of the box. I have had the honor of working in the local Houston public art scene for over 15 years with the focus on improving neighborhoods, schools, as well as including and engaging the community, teaching children, and improving socioeconomically challenged communities through art. My purpose in life is to use art and creativity to enhance the environments and the lives of those that surround me.

Birthplace Houston


2518 Cochran St
Houston, TX 77009