Guadalupe Rocha


Originally from the Rio Grande Valley but now based in the historic East End of Houston, TX, Guadalupe Rocha has been honing his skills in music and sound production for the past 15 years. While still working in music, Guadalupe has decided to blend this medium with videos and photography to create an aural/visual component of his current passions. 

Finding inspiration through his travels as well as everyday experiences throughout Houston, Guadalupe seeks to tell a story through his creations that people will be able to relate to and be inspired. 

Additional Information

Artist Statement As an artist, I attempt to recreate the visions that are swirling inside me as I feel that we can all connect and relate to this through our collective subconscious. Beauty exists everywhere, a stranger's laugh, a sunset, our daydreams, etc. and I gather these inspirations through photography, video and sounds to create my vision. Lately I have been working on videos with accompanying music as well as collaborating with other video creators by supplying sounds to the visual component. My influences and visions are constantly on the change and this helps me stay fresh with new ideas and inspirations.

Atmosphere : Late-night visions inspired by bass and quiet, chilly Houston nights

Elevation : Surrounded by mirrors in an elevator


East End, Houston, Texas 77023