Graciela Socorro


Graciela Socorro was born in Ames, Iowa. She is an American-Venezuelan multi-disciplinary artist based in Houston, TX. She works in photography and mixed media art since 2010. Graciela specializes in nature photography, geometry art and painting. As an award-wining artist, she has exhibited in several juried art shows nationally and internationally. She has gallery representation in New York City, Houston and Venezuela.

Graciela got her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at La Universida del Zulia following her love for astronomy and aerospace engineering. However, she began exploring and loving photography since she was little. Growing up in Venezuela, she loves looking at her father's National Geographic magazines. Her love for photography endured when many years later she met Carlos and they began taking pictures together. For Graciela, this moments are magical, an eternal meditation where only matters the connection and the encounter with the subject. This inspiration aroused her interest in conducting various studies in nature; following patterns, colors, shapes and textures. 

Suddenly it became an everlasting encounter founding her muse in nature. From the beginning, she has received guidance and support from Fine Art Photographers Albert Frangiéh and Carlos Ocando. This encouraged her to continue her studies with geometry in nature.  

In 2010, Graciela made her first photography portfolio Between Sun & Palms (Entre sol y Palmeras), making her debut in the “6th. Young Artists Regional Saloon at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia (MACZUL)” in Venezuela that same year, followed by Into me I See at ipa. Both projects were made of palms trees where she played with their lines and colors, shadows and light creating geometric patterns using more than one image. She received regional and International recognition from both series.  She is still working on a new body of work that will be soon available on her website. 

In 2012, she decided to express her joy for color and geometry on a new project called Bindu - Sanskrit for dot or point - which is the main shape of the work. The circle represents unity, wholeness, infinity and all colors combined is a celebration of joy and life together. The work is made out of layers of acrylic paint on different medium: hand-made clay sculptures, panel and reclaim objects. When the piece is ready, Graciela applies a layer of non-toxic UV protection resin to obtain a glossy look and protect the paint and clay objects.

In 2014 she moved from Venezuela to Houston with her husband the Fine Art Photographer Carlos Ocando and their Maltese Miss Brandy Bigotes. 

Additional Information

Artist Statement Since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with geometry and 3D Art and its illusion and this has developed into my interest in working with different medium. From hand-made clay sculptures, vinyl polymers, wood to repurpose materials, I love creating an abstraction, a whimsical combination of texture, color and shape that captivates the eye and excites the mind. My passion for colors was followed by the creation of a serie called Bindu, a Sanskrit word meaning “dot”. It is an art project consisted on building up layers and layers of acrylic paint combining precision, patience and a sense of optical illusion. The final touch is a layer of resin in order to protect the color and give an extra glossy aspect to the piece. This project is an amalgamation of colors that travel beyond the restraints of reality when you get closer to this sea of happiness, fun and forever holiday.


Katy, TX 77494