Gabriella Lopez (alignedspine)


I vividly remember my mom buying me drawing pads and creative utinsils and encouraging my creativity at a young age. She also bought me disposal cameras. I used these creative avenues consistantly, but I really realized this was my passion until I went to collage in 2012. I took some creative electives and quckly realized that art was essentially my calling. Art is all I've known and its been an outlet for me to throughly express myself without much effort. How I feel just rolls off my finger tips. My art has evolved from drawing gorey characters to fluid abstract work. My photography has grown from taking photos of items around my bedroom to exploring taking photos of other people and abandoned or flawed buildings. 

Additional Information

Artist Statement The message I often relay in my work is the uniqueness and flawed reality of people and the world around us. Although, nothing is perfect we can see the beauty in the unconventional.


2nd Ward, Houston, Texas 77011