Farrah Fang


Farrah Fang is an trans Latinx interdisciplinary artist, currently creating under graphic design and digital artwork. Their "collages" revolve around their perception of identity, society, pop culture, fashion and politics, etc. Their work is inspired mainly by their background, their queer & trans identity as a person of color residing in the Northside neighborhood of Houston. They include many inspirational people of color and queer icons in their works with hints of nostalgia and psychedelic visuals. They have collaborated with up and coming fashion brands, such as a popular Latinx streetwear group known as "BRUJAS", and created a series of collages promoting the line. Their work has been presented mostly in digital format online, using social media as their main presence however they have sold prints of their collages as well as delved into more mediums of art including performance and fashion, collaborating with local artist Angel Lartigue in their “Operation Psychopomp” exhibit performing in their intricate "Petri dish" garment. Farrah's current medium of collage art is meant to grasp a series of emotions and evoke them from viewers using their expertise and interest in esoteric yet insightful imagery.   

Additional Information

Artist Statement My work is centered around my personal identity as a trans person of color who struggled to survive in the Northside of Houston. Each aspect of my identity is pivotal to my work and can be seen in many different ways in my visual art. I like to create collages that evoke emotion from people in my community who can relate and gain insight from it. I am inspired by the political and societal connotations of living as a poor trans person of color, a Latinx artist, and I like to incorporate that into my work. With hints of pop culture and nostalgic references, my work is meant to reflect the array of inspirations that form my collages.

Birthplace Houston


600 East Little York St.
Apt. 4704
Northside, Houston, Texas 77076