Ernesto Marenco


(b. 1960 Mexico City) Son of exiled Nicaraguan poet and politician, Marenco was surrounded from childhood by artists, painters, writers and poets, that had been exiled to Mexico from the Spanish Civil War, and countries in Central and South America. Marenco is an artist, or visual poet, who has more than 35 years translating the language of poetry to everyday objects. His objects express a particular and committed manner and a great sense of humor. The artist has exhibited his work in international galleries and museums and produced more than 20 covers for books in Latin America, mainly poetry books, placing him as one of the leading representatives of contemporary Mexican art objects. Marenco currently lives and works in Houston, Texas

Additional Information

Artist Statement Time, poetry and the human condition through the common object as its representative, is the only thing I ever wanted to create. Some people say I make ready-mades, assemblages, sculptures or art objects, but for me, my work is closer to literature, specifically to poetry or short stories. I consider myself a writer or a poet but I don’t write with pencil and paper, I write with abandoned and uncommon materials and create 3-dimensional poetry.


Montrose, Houston, Texas 77006