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Artist Statement My main subjects are letters, symbols and words. I play with them as a graphic designer and artist. My work in some cases has a concrete and functional message, in others it is abstract work or asemic writing and sometimes a mixture of two or them all. It is one of my favorite process to take the aesthetic elements from words, symbols and letters, to then rebuild them into new compositions; sometimes taking away the whole semiotic and cultural elements to turn them into mere shapes with expressive movements that only handwriting and calligraphic techniques can imprint on paper, canvas or walls. Repetition, patterns, scales, rhythm, a playful eye, hands and precise body movements are the elements of the process in the most of the cases. I am always open to new experiments through collaborations. I have done body paintings with performance artists, ceramic and sculptural pieces, clothes, murals and paintings with artists of different backgrounds. It is through all these collaborations that I learn and expand my knowledge and keep myself updated on different techniques and possibilities to expand my practice.

Birthplace Quito - Ecuador

Timelapse video


West Houston, Houston, Texas 77081