Delilah Montoya


Delilah Montoya is a self-identified Chicana photographer, printmaker, and installation artist, working and living in the U.S. Southwest of New Mexico and Texas.  As an activist artist, she poses herself questions about identity, power, land, borders, gender, community, family, that she then explores through her art practices.    She is an investigator of histories and lives; her primary subject is the human condition through time and territory as expressed through the lens of being a mestiza.

Additional Information

Artist Statement Contemporary Casta Portraiture: Nuestra “Calidad” is an ethnographic art project that examines the ethnic roots of Colonial Heritage Families by photographing genre portraits and DNA testing the descendants living in Houston and Albuquerque. The project builds on the paradigm that colonial families of the “New World” evolved from a global community. The nuances woven into the topic are identity, colonial power struggles, family history, the optic-unconscious, and biogeographic ethnography and how these experiences are expressed in our contemporary lives and culture. 

Our America Audio Podcast - Delilah Montoya, "Humane Borders" and "Desire Lines"


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