Cynthia Evelyn Ochoa


I am Mexican-American artist born in Los Angeles, California, daughter of immigrant parents and first genetarion US Citizen. At a very young age I found interest in the local street art of San Diego where I completed school and I was highly influenced by the artistic movements of the Chicano community. Over the years I have searched for my artistic style, something specific, something intricate that has my name, but what i discovered is that there is no limit to my artistic style. 

As a self-represented artist, I have completed works donated and sold in charitable auctions, and have commissioned artwork for restaurant/ bar owners, and currently display my works in local shops in the Cypress area. I currently live in Houston where I continue to explore and expand my creative styles.

Additional Information

Artist Statement With creativity always on my mind, welcome to my mind. I live each day to see the beauty in everything .... Visit:

Birthplace Los Angeles California

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