Cynthia Jamileth Giron


Cynthia Giron, born in Houston, Texas, is a Drawing/Painting MFA candidate at the University of North Texas, she plans to graduate December 2019, she holds and Bachelor of Art from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.  She is an artist exploring the concept of a created space, stemming from the duality of growing up with two cultures as a first generation American. As a child of immigrant parents from El Salvador, she was brought up with two cultures. The work is playful and alludes to childhood nostalgia. Working mainly on paintings/drawings on canvas, panel and paper, books and games.  She creates games that she plays while working, this keeps the work unknown, fresh and fun. 

Additional Information

Artist Statement My work is about play. This leads me to make unexpected choices, as well as remind me of the innocence of childhood. I create images as a way to make a space for myself, one that lets me combine the two cultures I grew up with. Here I am free to explore and recall memories that I've taken with me throughout the years. Hands hold special significance, they represent the ties I have with both cultures, I have a hand in each. At times, they are just snippets or objects that may seem random and unrelated. They are like a puzzle; memories are pieces that I put together. These images or objects become more active when the recollection is surrounded by play or learning, like dancing, it becomes intuitive and can be recalled without hesitation. The work is whimsical, this is manifested in the abstracted and child-like way in which I draw. This is juxtaposed with flatter areas of color that a specifically executed, focused. A play of control versus freedom. I use bright colors as a way to place focus on these images and remembrance on my memories. They are colors I've always been attracted to, they remind me of the many versions and paths I've taken to be here. How I have changed but still stayed the same.


3913 Dallas St
East End, Houston, Texas 77023-1717