Claudia Corletto


Claudia Corletto was born in New York City and raised in Houston, Texas. She crafts her time as an art nomad. She works as a visual artist, creative consultant, art educator, certified juror, curator and producer in film and fashion.  

She founded MEZCLA, a traveling art exhibit firmly rooted in the principal that Hispanic/Latinx artists should be the only authors of their own narrative, culture and identity in 2017.

Claudia is also a former member of the collective the Mamis and the Papis, a collective of womxn, femmes, and gender nonconforming folks that play music and raise funds for non-profits doing work that matters in the community such as The Carolina Abortion Fund, NC Field's Poder Juvenil Campesino Program, and SONG (Southerners on New Ground).

Claudia has had the pleasure of working with The Design Studio for Social Intervention, The University of Houston, FotoFest, North Carolina Museum of Art, North Carolina Museum of History, Marbles Kids Museum, The Exploris School, Casa Esperanza Montessori School, The City of Raleigh, The City of Durham, Black Genius, PBS and The Southern Documentary Fund.



Additional Information

Artist Statement As an afrolatinx contemporary artist I explore folklore, gender roles, and the nature of relationships in my work. I pass my message on as I navigate the shifting landscapes around me and each journey determines the materials I use and the forms of work.

Birthplace New York City


3rd Ward, Houston, Texas