Celea Guevara



Celea Guevara is from Honduras C.A. She immigrated from her native country in 2006. Her dedication to the love for the arts became a priority. She received her BFA at the University of Houston in 2017 and is currently attending Houston Baptist University as a candidate graduate with an honorable mention from Raising Eyes of Texas. 

Her work is inspired by the human condition and the continued whispering foundation of her Afro-Latino descendants. In 2018 Celea participated in “Rising Eyes of Texas” with Looking Forward which inspired her to launch her solo show “Re-encounter with my roots” it embodied the essence of Honduras through life size Drawings, Paintings and Printmaking. 

Celea’s studio Practice is developed with a solid passion and it is shown in her artwork. She is determined to earn a solid reputation in her artistic and cultural identity. 


Additional Information

Artist Statement Enter Artist Statement Here Celea Guevara Thesis Statement I work hard for my artwork can reflect my identity, essence and culture. I creatively express myself allowing my soul and spirituality to manifest through every work. The human figure, particularly women plays a protagonist part in my processes. The creation of my work is developed in different techniques, process and media: painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Color pencils, Pastels, Watercolor and ink. Experimenting with lines, color, texture and creating singular point of multiplicity. Since my beginnings as an artist, my work has been the documentation and reflection of the human condition.


Northside, Houston, Texas