Camila Labarca Linaweaver


Camila Labarca Linaweaver was born in Santiago, Chile and immigrated to the United States at the age of 7. She lived and studied in Texas and holds a B.F.A in Visual Arts from The University of Houston Clear Lake, and recently received her M.F.A in Printmaking from The University of Oklahoma. Linaweaver’s focus within the printmaking medium is almost exclusively on singular and experimental prints. Using the landscape as a metaphor, she crafts narratives of immigrant displacement, loss, and alienation. Her unique approach to confronting her personal history as an immigrant results in highly nuanced imagery that aims to bridge opposing sides and create positive discourse within the context of global immigration issues.

 As an emerging artist, Linaweaver has exhibited extensively throughout the US. She has chosen to pursue a career in Academia and is the 2019-2020 recipient of the CAA Professional Development Fellowship in Visual Arts. 

Linaweaver currently works as a Screen Print Specialist for Chameleon Like, Inc. and is also an adjunct arts instructor in the Greater Houston area.

Additional Information

Artist Statement My printmaking work depicts themes of immigrant displacement through representations of the landscape. Using my experience as an immigrant, I create poetic works that question the delineation of land and the physical and psychological effects that manifest when crossing borders. My approach rejects propaganda based narratives and employs nuanced aesthetic means that consider the landscape as a metaphor for addressing duality, displacement, alienation, and nostalgia. I have focused my printmaking practice on the singular print, particularly explorations using monotypes. I rely on printmaking not for its means of multiplicity, but rather as a tool to extract subtle nuances that occur during the translation from plate to paper. Recently I have delved into time based works and experimentations with stop motion videos. This work challenges the rigidity and fixity of borders to create new spaces of imagination and resistance.

Birthplace Santiago, Chile

"You Are Here", stop motion animation of 382 monotypes. 2019.


7310 Long leaf Lane