Arturo Tha Cuban


Arturo is a freelance journalist, essayist, musician, and upcoming author. He spent most of his life as a government contractor in various fields and has extensive knowledge of Latin American history and culture, immigration, racism and hate groups, political science, and criminal justice reform. He is a life-long front-line anti-racist and has quietly been involved in many aspects of social justice movements across the United States.

Arturo is also a stroke survivor who has always had a passion for writing. He has since devoted much of his time continuing his education and expanding his knowledge on the subjects he has extensive experience with, including understanding the history of the issues we face today - helping provide accurate context allowing us to better solve them.

He is currently working on finalizing and publishing his first book titled: Manifest Destiny - A History of U.S. Interventionism in Latin America.

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Additional Information

Artist Statement Suffering a stroke, to me, was a blessing in disguise. It granted me more time than I could ever have asked for - allowing me to focus on writing about the issues that matter to me the most - in order to make a positive contribution to society in these ever-tumultuous times. It took nearly two years to adjust to being a stroke survivor and in that time I spent a considerable amount of effort becoming self-aware. It's a time in my life that became part of who I am, but I refuse to let it define me as the father, husband, and creative that I am today. In addition to providing a positive contribution to society, my mission is to write all the books, journalistic pieces, and essays; using them as a vehicle to help create the much-needed changes we desperately need in society today. Since having a stroke I live my life with a whole new sense of urgency. No more putting things off for trivial reasons. We live in a time where unity is the most important aspect of what we do and we have little time to waste. Creatives define culture and creativity brings change. I enjoy connecting with like-minded people who are also out there sharing their stories and life experiences through art while supporting one another. My hope is to become a part of a community of people who share each other's stories, help each other with platform building, and share ideas in order to help us all succeed in whatever creative platform speaks to us individually. I want to be here for you, and I want to appreciate all of you being present in my life.


Houston, Texas