ariel rivera


My name is Ariel Rivera and I’m a 28yr old Latina and Hispanic queer artist who currently works in more traditional mediums. I occasionally create digital works of art as well. 

I grew up introverted in the suburbs in a low-income family of 5, with little to no social skills. Not quite relating to my peers,I relied heavily on the internet for exploration and socializing with likeminded folks.

I’m a first generation student with an Associate of Art with goals of a BFA in Graphic Design.

Additional Information

Artist Statement I approach my work with a more graphic and illustrative style. I incorporate a deep emotional quality to my portraits, but also try to add humor and whimsy. I create characters based off of personal experiences, but sometimes allow them to speak to me and let them become themselves. I tend to use more traditional mediums such as graphite, ink, gouache, and watercolor.

Birthplace Houston


4719 cavern drive
Friendswood, Texas 77546