Arely Peña


Born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1996.

Peña has received her BFA from the University of Houston and will be pursuing her MFA starting Fall 2019.

Additional Information

Artist Statement I’m fascinated in the way we act, think, communicate, and interact. I tend to look to philosophers, thinkers, writers, poets, and composers. I look to the people around me, the stranger sitting across me at the coffee shop, and the one driving the car behind me. I am interested in the zones of (dis)connection: the gap and the slippages between signifier and signified, concept and object, word and image. I am not interested in making art that simply documents, replicates, or creates an illusion of life. I work to overwhelm or deprive the senses allowing the viewer to pause and become aware of themselves, their thoughts, and their actions. In creating these enclosed spaces for observation and meditation, I also examine the ways in which we have been socialized to think and perceive truth. My installations aim to momentarily suspend these pedagogies and thus make them visible. I work to create spaces and experiences that force the spectator to investigate the becoming–as opposed to the essence– of these zones of (dis)connection.


Houston, Texas