Anthony Almendárez


Anthony Almendárez is a musician, composer, educator, and self-taught video artist. His early works comprise musical compositions that experiment with narrative structure in the traditional form. In more recent work, Almendárez applies his musical expertise to his video and installation work, examining characteristics of the human condition such as alienation, anxiety and inner-conflict while simultaneously isolating his audience in site-specific acoustic environments. Challenging the hierarchy between audio and visual, and confronting their respective stereotypes in relation to identity and within the frame of narrative, Almendárez ultimately seeks to inject new modes of storytelling that are inclusive of histories and collective memories of those thriving along the margins of society. 

Almendárez’s compositions have been performed and premiered at various events and venues including the Houston Film Crawl, Houston Noise Scene, Alabama Song (Houston, TX), West Fork New Music Festival (Fairmont, WV), Marshall Composer Series (Huntington, WV), Marshall New Music Festival (Huntington, WV), SCI Region III Conference of New Music (Huntington, WV), Florida School of the Arts, DANCE, SPLICE, the Conservatoire Maurice Ravel Flute Convention (Paris, France), and at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

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West End, Houston, Texas