Angel Castelan


Born and raised in Houston, TX, Castelán is a queer artist who graduated from the University of Houston in 2016 with a B.F.A. in Studio Arts (Painting), and a minor in Art History. Currently he is back at the University of Houston wrapping up his M.F.A. in Painting under the tutelage of Aaron Parazette, Rachel Hecker, Delilah Montoya, Dr. Roberto Tejada, and Gabriel Martinez. Castelán has shown his work throughout Houston including The Blaffer Art Museum, Zoya Tommy Gallery, HCC's Stafford FIne Arts Gallery, Talento Binlingue de Houston, and Third Space Gallery. 

Additional Information

Artist Statement Because they hide for so long, only to eventually emerge, their screams inescapable. Layers upon layers, intersections, and complications. How identities and paintings are made. The male gaze on the male figure. Is it subversion, perversion, or worship? Let’s talk about “everyone knows but nobody talks about it”. You escape one prison only to be assaulted by machismo, racism, and homophobia. Is that why the chicharra resonates with me? Because its life cycle is so much like the coming out process. Which, by the way, never ends. No offense, but are you gay? Well, hello to you too. It’s cool if you are, just don’t hit on me, bro. Top or bottom? Bitch, I might be. Sorry. How are you? Gay, thanks.


East End, Houston, Texas 77023