Alexander Squier


Alexander Squier is a conceptual artist who works across media including printmaking, drawing, photography, video and installation. Inspired by the changing landscape of his hometown of Houston, his work is a commentary on the state of the physical environment, the tension between the man-made and nature, and the push and pull between nostalgia and futurism. This study of the urban landscape ranges from an observational / documentarian impulse, to site-responsive and heavily research-based works. Squier earned his BFA from the University of Rochester, and his MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (Tufts University) in 2013. Since returning to Houston in 2015 to complete his first large-scale installation (Remnants / Visions), Squier has taught art locally at Art League Houston and Strake Jesuit High School. Currently, Squier has a studio at Box 13 Artspace in Houston's East End, and teaches printmaking at the Glassell School of Art, and the University of Houston.

Alexander Squier es un artista interdisciplinario cuyos proyectos incluyen instalaciones, grabado, serigrafía, dibujo, fotografía, video y trabajos colaborativos. Squier obtuvo su BFA de la Universidad de Rochester y su MFA de la Escuela del Museo de Bellas Artes de Boston (Tufts University) en 2013. Squier regresó a su ciudad natal de Houston en 2015, y actualmente tiene un estudio en BOX 13 Artspace en el East End de Houston, y enseña técnicas de impresión en la Glassell School of Art y la Universidad de Houston. La obra de Alexander responde críticamente a la dinámica entre nuestros entornos naturales y construidos, específicamente con respeto a Houston. A través de una lente cuasi-arqueológica, Squier crea nuevos contextos para reconsiderar nuestro ambiente y cuestionar el legado humano.

Additional Information

Artist Statement I am interested in cycles of construction and destruction - I think critically about my natural and built surroundings; and I question human legacy. Through drawing, photography, installations, and prints, I aim to blur time and create new contexts for considering our landscape. My projects are informed through photography, collecting of artifacts and responding to material spaces, and through observation / study of design tendencies, specifically reductive form and repetition. This is in direct dialogue with an ongoing study of architecture and urban planning, infrastructure and buildings, and of our impact on the natural landscape. How do the patterns and trends in urban development, design and construction, and economics, reflect culture or philosophy? My aim is to develop a better understanding of what forces are behind this machine, and to incite thoughtfulness regarding the decisions involved.

Birthplace Houston, TX


2205 McKinney Street
APT 301
Downtown Houston, Houston, Texas 77003