A.C. Evans


I'm A.C. Evans, an artist, curator and designer. I have a foundation as a painter, whose works are inspired by the mercurial nature of cultural identities, ambient light, memory and scene. I've expanded my practice to include digital design, illustration and code. I'm interested in the intersections of art, media and technology. I consider my work to be a direct response and a reaction to the present time. My projects aren't answers, but creative inquires into personal frustrations as well as the confusing nature of my progress through this life.

Additional Information

Artist Statement My art practice begins with the study of relationships. Through the process of creating art, I am exploring how specific relationships to particular people, ideas, environments or material objects contribute to the development of identity. My work makes use of ambient light, metaphor, symbolism, irony and mystery to create a distinctive mood of ethereal discomfort. Primarily, I use the figure to create a direct emotional connection with the viewer and often place the figure within an environment of abstraction or fantasy in order to give shape to the intangible qualities of reality. By making juxtapositions and creating relationships between the concrete and the abstract, I aim to place the viewer in a world with no easily definable constants; a world ever-evolving within a continual state of flux.

Birthplace Houston