What is MantecaHTX?

MantecaHTX is the nation’s first online directory of Latinx creatives practicing in the literary, performing and visual arts.  We are based in Houston, Texas and believe in a need to collectively organize as cultural producers, curators and organizers to fully grasp the artistic landscape of Houston.

Our goal is to quantify, cultivate, and accelerate our art community cultural capital to share it with the world. We also look forward to collaborating with other locations to be part of our familia in Houston. Every facet of MantecaHTX is shaped by the vision and values of Houston Latinx artists. We look forward to sharing our art with everyone who is open to our way of imagining the world.

Who can join?

Our vision is inclusive and open, so the registry is opened to both creatives and art lovers.

Art lovers have access to a comprehensive list of artists currently practicing in Houston in addition to a calendar of upcoming events/programs. Art lovers are welcomed to create user profiles to bookmark favorites. Also, users are invited to join the mailing list for Sizzle, our weekly newsletter featuring a calendar of events and culture, featured profiles, smart essays on culture, and community news. If you want your weekend to Sizzle, just throw in some MantecaHTX.

Any artist who self-identifies as Latinx can create a free artist profile to be part of MantecaHTX. Also, join our mailing list.

Why create an Artist Profile?

Latinx Artists are encouraged to create a profile so users (including curators, art supporters, programmers, activators, publishers, editors, producers, historians, scholars, collectors, general public, etc.) are able to browse/search for creatives.

Creating a profile on MantecaHTX is a great way for established artists to promote their work and upcoming events. Emerging artists can also gain an online presence through this platform to be part of this growing and thriving community.

A registered artist with MantecaHTX profile is able to:

  • Create event pages to promote their shows, exhibits, readings, etc.

  • Be considered for art exhibits

  • Be considered for interviews on the Nuestra Palabra Radio show and additional media interviews

  • Have their events/profiles featured in Sizzle, the Nuestra Palabra & MantecaHTX weekly newsletter

If Latinx Artists want their careers to Sizzle, they need to add a little MantecaHTX.

How was MantecaHTX founded?

MantecaHTX is part of Nuestra Palabra’s Cultural Acceleration Program, along with other projects such as the Macondo Writers Workshop founded by Sandra Cisneros. Cultural capital was provided by co-founders: Delilah Montoya, Tina Hernandez, Moe Penders, Theresa Escobedo, Gabriel Martinez, Julia Barbosa LandoisFrancis Almendárez, Yeiry Guevara, and Nuestra Palabra founder Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante.

MantecaHTX is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance, Nuestra Palabra, Glasstire and NALAC


MantecaHTX: Latinx Art Registry/Directory is supported in part by the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Southwest Airlines, the Surdna Foundation and Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre through a grant from the NALAC Fund for the Arts Grant Program.

Why is this in English and not in Spanish?

We want to thank our sponsors and collaborators for their support to create and launch MantecaHTX. The website you are experiencing has taken a wealth of cultural capital and resources to envision, fund, create, and launch.

We aspire to grow to continue meeting the needs of the creative community. In this growth, we plan to seek additional funding to profoundly invest in a Spanish language version of MantecaHTX in order to provide a  fair exchange of cultural capital.

We are the vanguard of a generation that is cultivating partnerships with organizations who want to make a profound investment in our Community’s Cultural Capital.

Welcome to the Latinx Renaissance.